Bobbie Gentry

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Ode To Billie Joe - Bobbie Gentry Bbc Live 1968.MP3

Bobby Gentry Fancy.MP3

Bobbie Gentry - Son Of A Preacher Man.MP3

Whatever Happened To Bobbie Gentry.MP3

Bobbie Gentry - Niki Hoeky.MP3

Bobbie Gentry - Ode To Billie Joe.MP3

Bobbie Gentry, 1967: Ode To Billie Joe - Original Capitol 45 Rpm Disc.MP3

Bobbie Gentry - Son Of A Preacher Man.MP3

Glen Campbell & Bobbie Gentry - Good Times Again 2007 - Let It Be Me 19 March 1969 W/intro.MP3

Bobbie Gentry - Fancy.MP3

Louisiana Man Best Version ~ Bobbie Gentry.MP3

Bobbie Gentry - Papa's Medicine Show.MP3

Bobbie Gentry - I'll Never Fall In Love Again.MP3

Johnny Cash & Bobby Gentry - On The Byou.MP3

Bobbie Gentry; Louisiana Man Withe The Hollies.. Apperance.MP3